Privacy Policy


We are committed to respecting the privacy concerns of all members and visitors to this website. Accordingly, we have created this document to be fully transparent about how we collect and use the information you provide to us. Your faith, trust and belief in our respect for your data is of paramount importance to us.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please send an e-mail to

Your Personal Information
We only collect the information required to create your membership and complete your bookings. We only transmit the information to third parties when it is necessary to complete a transaction you have made, and even then, we only transmit the information necessary to complete the transaction. We will never rent or sell your information to any non-affiliated third party.

Fulfillment of Membership Benefits and Services
In order to fulfill the benefits of your membership, and facilitate the travel requests and bookings you make, we have contracted with various third-party suppliers and vendors. Examples of this may include, but not be limited to, airlines, car rental agencies, cruise companies, tour operators, consolidators, and booking engine partners. Any information you provide that is necessary to fulfill your travel requests or bookings is provided to the requisite third-party, and for that transaction only. Our agreements with these third-party suppliers require them to maintain certain high standards for the care of your information, sharing it only with whom it is necessary to facilitate your transaction. They are prohibited from renting or selling your information, for any reason. Even so, once your information has been transmitted to a third-party supplier, your information may become subject to their own privacy policies, which we have no control over.

Security, Storage and Use of Your Information
Like most other websites, ours employs encrypted strings of text that we store on your computer, called cookies, if your settings allow for this. We do require the use of cookies while you are using our websites, as without them, we would not be able to provide a consistent user experience from page to page. One example is that unless we use cookies we would have no way to recall the arrival and departure dates used when you were booking a hotel or resort, and therefore, we could not verify if a hotel or resort were available to be booked.

Even so, we never use cookies to gather any information that is not directly related to your use of our website. For example, we do not track your use of any website except for ours, and for the reasons mentioned above. Cookies are not known to damage your computer or otherwise corrupt or damage programs or files. We cannot guarantee a positive experience on our website if you disable cookies, and this may adversely affect our ability to complete any transactions you attempt to make. Many browsers provide an option allow cookies from certain websites, and not from others. Consult your browser help section to access these features.

Services Provided by Third Parties
We do contract with certain third-party processors to process credit cards and other payment options for the transactions you complete. We never store your payment data in our systems, instead, you must enter that data each time you make a transaction. Payment processors we use have state-of-the-art, PCI compliant platforms, and are also prohibited from sharing, renting or selling your data.

Your personal information may be transmitted for the following reasons:

  • Processing credit/debit cards to complete your transactions
  • To help resolve billing or transactional disputes
  • To discover and deter fraud, and/or breaches of security or illegal acts.

How We Contact You
As a member, you are entitled to certain benefits and services, which are provided by us. One of those services is curating content such as specially negotiated travel deals. We employ a number of methods for ensuring that you receive this information, as many times it is time sensitive. Accordingly, you may receive offers via US Mail, to your address on file, from our suppliers with tailored specials for you. You may also receive e-mail notifications from us with various offers that have been curated for you, and which many times offer outstanding members-only value. You may opt out of receiving our e-mails at any time by visiting the My Account section of your members-only website to update your e-mail subscription options, by clicking the 'Unsubscribe' link in the footer of any e-mails we send, or by calling us at the number listed on your members-only website.

You may also receive offers and other notices via SMS text messaging and/or push notifications, sent to your mobile device. You have the option to opt out of these with most carriers by using simple responses such as STOP, RESUME to re-initiate or HELP. Due to the policies of various carriers and messaging services, your commands may be different.

You may also receive e-mail notifications that contain confirmations for a trip that you booked with us. You may receive phone calls to the number we have on file for you to discuss or complete a travel transaction you have requested.

Third-Party Links and Advertising
When linking out to some of our third-party suppliers, you might have the option of subscribing, or be exposed to advertising they may have on their website. We do not have any control over your voluntary participation with these suppliers, and we do not endorse such participation. We cannot control the privacy policy, use of cookies, tracking, or any other policies of any third-party websites.

The Privacy Polices of Preferred Suppliers
Certain benefits we provide through agreements with third-party suppliers, and to access those benefits, you are re-directed to their website, under special arrangement with us. Be advised that we cannot control the privacy policy, use of cookies, tracking, or any other policies of these third-party suppliers, and we suggest you acquaint yourself with this information by clicking the requisite links when you visit their websites, and before submitting your personal information.

Opting Out of Communications
Should your contact information change, or you wish to opt out of communications, you can always do so by contacting customer support at the number on your members-only website, clicking the Unsubscribe link in any e-mail, using the appropriate responses, such as STOP, for text messages, or going to the My Account section of your members-only website.